Something that we just could not believe had happened....

On February 24th, the war that has been going on in the east of Ukraine for the last eight years engulfed the whole country!

My children and I are in Poland now. As a woman and as a mother, I cannot stand aside and watch how my homeland is being destroyed and my people, even women, and children are being killed. Many babies have already been born in bomb shelters in Ukraine! Does any child deserve such a fate?

My friends
I think now I have the right to address all of you in this way.
Our army, volunteers, and everyone who can and knows how to hold a weapon are defending the civilian population now. Defending them with their very lives!
I urge you - friends, colleagues, partners from other countries, don't stand aside, don't be indifferent. Help our charitable project! My whole family: husband, brother, and father, as well as our friends from many countries, are already actively involved in organizing the practical work of the foundation.

I have always been involved in active social work, and today's situation has only strengthened my decision not to stand aside, not be silent.

I am doing my best and continue to work for the good of Ukraine from here.

I contacted many of my business partners and friends, friends of my family from different parts of the world to organize help for my homeland.

The Polish side helped me to create a charitable foundation “World with Ukraine” in a minimum amount of time.

I am personally responsible for the proper use of every zloty, dollar or euro transferred to the fund. I guarantee that all received funds will be used for the intended purposes - to support those who shed blood on the battlefield and those who are forced to stay in shelters, saving their lives and the lives of their children!


Address: ul.ARCISZEWSKIEGO 3/6

ІПН /NIP 1132799992
Purpose of payment: Fondation World with Ukraine VIKTORIYA FAYNBLAT

Account in Polish zlotys-PLN — PL80187010452078106226690004

Account in euros € — PL37187010452078106226690002

Account in US dollars $ — PL53187010452078106226690005

Purpose of payment:

To be credited to the “World with Ukraine” Charitable Foundation for Viktoriya Faynblat

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